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24" 3 Hose Spiral Glass Hookah

It's not difficult to see the traditional influence that our hookah artisans drew from when creating this hookah. The mirrored chrome twister style stem fits snugly into the opening of the hand painted vase creating a perfect air-tight seal to ensure that every hit is smooth and enjoyable. This lovely hookah includes an easy-to-clean threaded PVC polymer hose with a carved wooden handle makes it feel as if it were made just for your hands to grip. This masterpiece of hookah craftsmanship can easily be converted to a single or double hose hookah. This 24" 3 hose Spiral Hookah is truly a fully functioning working of art.


Height: 24 inches
Available in red, green, blue, black, pink, and brown colors

1 Charcoal Tong
1 Ceramic bowl
1 Charcoal tray
3 Threaded PVC Polymer Hoses
1 Glass Vase
1 Chrome Shaft
1 Aluminum Briefcase