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Aurum A1 Glass Hookah

25" 1 Hose Aurum A1 Glass Hookah


We proudly introduce our first line of all glass high quality borosilicate high temperature resistant glass hookah. The A1 Series, is a mixture of traditional and modern look, with an unbelievable smooth cloudy and full flavor smoking experience. Wherever you are whether at home or at a party, our A1 series will definitely stand out by looks and performance. We can proudly announce that our A1 series are the most affordable and highest quality all glass hookahs on the market today. The glass is thick and durable. Our A1 series downstem has been manufactured specifically for a smooth and cloudy smoking experience. The A1 series tray has been specifically designed into a bowl shaped tray to fit ice cubes for an even smoother and cooler feeling experience, and to also be used as a holder for the fruit orange head being smoked or for a regular bowl.