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Lulava Hookah Hose

Smoke Fresh, Smoke Clean, Smoke Lulava!


Lulava hoses blend an elegant, ancient tradition with a sleek, modern design to solve many of the problems affecting traditional hookah hoses.


-Anodized billet aluminum eliminates corrosion

-Dishwasher-safe for a cleaner, safer smoke

-High-quality vinyl hoses in colors that won't flake or fade


Lulava designed these hoses with you in mind so that you no longer have to breathe in the harmful rust and corrosion caused by moisture buildup in traditional hoses. Lulava takes a modern approach to the hookah hose by using an aircraft-grade aluminum design that allows smokers to take great pulls without worrying about ingesting all of the nasty buildup.


Easy to wash and dishwasher safe, the hose is perfect for helping users remove the effects of flavor ghosting from multiple sessions. All of our hoses are fully customizable, with each piece coming in a variety of mix-and-match colors.


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