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Zooka Coal Lighter

Zooka Coal Lighter

The Zooka Lighter is a premium portable lighter for hookah quicklite charcoals. Come with a built-in charcoal carrier and can be refilled with butane.



No Mess - If youíre like many others, you have better use of your time then to clean coal debris on your stove. Zooka Lighter owners will never need to do that unsanitary chore again. Instead, coal is placed inside a Zooka Lighter while the intense torch flame sparks it up. Now, you can leave the stove for what itís really mean to do; cook food.


Cordless & Portable - The Zooka Lighter has a plug-free compact design that enables you to spark up coal ANYWHERE, and the powerful windproof flame can take on all the elements, effortlessly. The Zooka Lighter takes portability to the next level.


Hands Free - Just another reason why youíll love the Zooka Lighter; Sip on a cool beverage or text a friend to come over for a smoking session while coal gets blasted inside the Zooka Lighter. Your hands are free while you relax.


Wind Proof - The powerful torch flame of the Zooka Lighter with-stands most weather conditions and will light coal effortlessly outdoors.


Large Butane Reservoir - The Zooka Lighter not only lets you light coals easier. The Zooka Lighter can run non-stop for over AN HOUR with a maximum butane fill. Even with its compact design and incredible performance, the Zooka Lighter can run non-stop for over with a maximum butane fill.Yet, it only takes seconds to ignite one quick-lite coal. Now, thatís a lot of coals.


Peace of Mind - Walking and handing hot coal with tongs is risky business, especially while in a social setting. The Zooka Lighter reduces the dangerous risk of fires and
burns simply because it sits on the table alongside your hookah. Less travel with lit coal, less risk to drop lit coal. The Zooka Lighter gives you peace of mind.


Zooka Lighter