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777 E-Hookah Blue777 E-Hookah Red


18" 2 Hose 777 E-Hookah

Electronic Hookah


Note: the e-Hookah comes with 5 blank (empty) refillable cartridges, don't forget to order e-liquid to fill your cartridges. 


The 777 e-Hookah Kit includes:

1- 2200 mAh Battery

1- 5 Pack Of Blank Refillable e-Hookah Cartridges 

1 Wall Charger 

1 Owner’s Manual

2- e-Hookah Hoses


What is the 777 e-Hookah? 

The 777 e-Hookah is a non-flammable electronic atomizing device to give you an experience similar to conventional tobacco Hookahs. It utilizes advanced microelectronic technology to atomize a liquid into an inhalable vapor that simulates smoke.


-Change flavors in seconds

-No flame

-No Second Hand Smoke

-No tar or carbon monoxide, Ash free, Coal free

-Ash and coal free

-No Smoke odors in your home or on clothing


777 Electronic Hookah consist of two primary components, the flavored Cartridge and the battery. 777 e-Hookah Cartridges are filled with an e-liquid which contains a solution of nicotine (or 0mg non-nicotine) water, food colorings, fruit and tobacco extracts, propylene glycol and Vegetable glycerin. Our cartridges contain built in atomizers, so there is no cleaning or maintenance required. To use your 777 e-Hookah, simply fill a cartridge with your flavor of choice and screw on to the end of the hose and puff on it like you would a conventional tobacco Hookah. When you draw air through the cartridge, the heating element will automatically activate and produce a vapor.  When the cartridge is empty the vapor will become weak and taste burnt and the cartridge will need to be thrown away. Just screw off the old cartridge and screw on a fresh one—it's that simple.


777 e-Hookah Battery

The commonly asked question is how long does the e-Hookah battery last! The Triple Seven e-Hookah battery will last about 4 hours before needed to be recharged. You can use the e-Hookah while the battery is charging. The e-Hookah cartridges are manufactured with a soft easy to remove rubber cap for ease when refilling your cartridges.