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Dream D2 Hookah SilverDream D2 Hookah CarbonDream D2 Hookah Camo 

Dream D2 D-Hookah


The D2 hookah stands at roughly 22" from the bottom of the base to the top of the bowl. The bottom of the base flares, making it flat and sturdy which is ideal for table tops. The size of the hookah is also great for travel, easy to dissemble and clean. The D2 D-Hookah uses the latest in hookah purges, which is 6 separate purge chambers tucked into the bottom of the stem making it a breeze to blow out excess smoke from the base. Each hookah is comes with a silicone hose with an aluminum tip and comes complete with tongs, tray, bowl and fittings.



Silver - Silver stem with colored base

Carbon - Carbon white/black stem design with black base

Camo - Camo design on stem with black base