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H2O4 Argon Hookah

H2O4 Fruit HookahHydrogen Pipes Argon Social Hookah H2O4


Hydrogen Pipes Argon H2O4 Social Hookah


The Hydrogen Pipes Argon H2O4 Social Hookah is a modern, reliable shisha made of plexiglass. The plexiglass allows the shisha a robustness that is second to none. A fall of this hookah can almost do nothing. The H2O4 hookah is already equipped with all connections, which permit smoking with a hose. A silicone tube with a length of approx 150cm and a Plexiglass mouthpiece with a length of approx 28cm are already included in the delivery. A head gasket is also already present, so that your own favorite head can be set up immediately. The Hydrogen Pipes Argon H2O4 Social Hookah not only has an enormous capacity of water, but can also simply carry fruit, spices or the like, thanks to its special, rectangular design (approx. 30 x 20 x 13cm), in order to impress the smoke with its own stamp. The dive column is like a tee, so the smoke is drawn on both sides and through many small holes through the water. Taste, humidification and cooling are thus pushed to the top.

Contents: - H2O4-Argon - smoke / dive column - Hose connection - Connection plugs - Silicone hose, black - mouthpiece - coal tines - Seals including head gasket - ashtray